Lige A. Lambeth, DC

Our Services

Chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Lambeth is Advanced Rated in Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique which is used extensively in our office. This is a gentle and precise method of adjusting the spine and extremities with low force by use of an instrument. A protocol is used to find your subluxations so they can be adjusted. More information on this technique can be found at

Dr. Lambeth also does a variety of  manual adjusting techniques such as Thompson Drop Table and Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT), depending on what is best for the patient, patient preference and the condition being treated.  I also have people coming to the office for wellness visits, check-ups of their spine and maintenance visits.

Some come in without a complaint to have their spine's alignment checked. Most people know the importance of regular dental check-ups, medical physicals, eye exams, even tune-ups and alignment of the wheels of their cars. What would happen if they waited until there was a problem?

These people know that by investing in their health before there is a major problem reaps many benefits. This may include increased vitality, better functioning of their body, increased awareness of well being. The nervous system is the master system of the body! It controls of the rest of the body by nerve impulses. Chiropractic care may remove nerve interference so this mind body connection is improved.

Myofascial release

Dr Lambeth works on the fascia which covers your muscles to release scar tissue and adhesion's which keep the muscles from working well. He finds trigger points that refer pain and knot up and treats them so they relax and quit causing pain. This is done with a percusser. I also do instrument assisted soft tissue release (IASTM) to help release fascia restrictions, adhesion's and old scar tissue from injuries and surgeries. This can increase range of motion, improve function and decrease pain.


Exercises are always given so the patient can do them on their own at home to help their quality of life and speed their recovery. This way they can be active in their care and can stay well longer. Chiropractic adjustments along with exercise work better than chiropractic adjustments alone.


Many times an ice pack will be prescribed to decrease inflammation and swelling along with proper instructions and usage times.


Examinations are performed to help determine what is causing your individual problem, whether it is on your spine, pelvis or an extremity. If he can't help you with a certain problem or condition, he will refer you to someone who can. If films are necessary he will write a request so, you can have them taken.

DOT Medical Examiner

Professional truck driver physicals are available meeting the requirements of the Department of Transportation and a laminated certificate is issued for those who are qualified. I have information on the rules and what to do to stay compliant.